#MusicMonday: Nola Adé’s ‘Love Dance EP’

Chicago-native and emerging artist Nola Adé is ready to share her gift of song with the masses.

The Nigerian-American songstress delivers love in an upbeat tempo and has shared the stage with talents such as Bilal and Avery Sunshine. Most recently, Ms. Nola Adé headlined the Budweiser Stage line-up during the 2016 Taste of Chicago and wooed the audience with her deep and airy vocals that shared stories of love, bliss and the difficult sides of it all.

In addition to performing across Chicagoland, the singer-songwriter released her debut project, Love Dance EP. The body of work offers seven-tracks that take you on a reviving journey of having faith in love.

“Life’s experiences of being in love, and staying in love, can sometimes take you on a roller coaster, or it’s a crazy dance with highs and lows,” Adé stated in a press release sent to JET. “Regardless of how things happen for you, it should still be embraced as your very unique, very needed love story.”

Get a taste of Nola Adé’s artistry below with ‘Love’.

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