Music Monday: Krystal Metcalfe ‘Sallie’

It’s one relationship that we are forced into upon completing our collegiate education…yep, you guessed it – student loans!

Just the thought of going back and forth with Sallie Mae and her goon squad brings mental agony. Instead of dwelling on the burden of loans stacked on loans, while watching Netflix with her husband under her mother-in-law’s account, emerging singer-songwriter and former JET new artist feature , Krystal Metcalfe turned to her creative juices and wrote a song about it.

It’s a break-up song with a twist.

“I wrote this song on my couch with my guitar, as a playful blues. Drowning my sorrows in laughter and song…singing about being broke,” the St. Louis native says. “The message I’m hoping to convey with this record is that it’s ok to voice your frustrations, channel them into art, and inspire people.”

Packed with Krystal’s s power rock-and-soul vocals, ‘Sallie’ gives a lounge-vibe while dishing on the struggle and even checking the collection monster for getting her parents involved.

No, no Sallie, see now it’s personal, you got my parents involved…the way you harass me, it’s got to be against the law,” she sings.

Check out the single below and let us know if it gets a pass or play on your playlist!

If you’re diggin’ the tune, there’s more Krystal on the way! The songstress, who’s opened up for artist such as Tank, Avery Sunshine and recently performed at The Taste of Chicago, will take the stage at Lincoln Hall on July 21.

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