Murda Ma$e or Pastor Mason Betha?

For quite some time now, artist Ma$e has been going back and forth between his rap and religion persona.  He diddy-bopped and brought that Harlem flava to the rap scene in 1997 and claimed ‘Bad Boy for life’ under the moniker, Ma$e boasting ‘Harlem World.” The rap was cool.  His records sold.

He dropped a second album in ’99, then boom…No more Ma$e. No more Harlem World. He retires from rap and we were introduced to Pastor Mason, who ditched the shiny suits and Harlem shake for a bow-tie, tailored suit and a pulpit.

That lasted for a stint, until he switched it up again and attempted to make a comeback taking on the alias Murda Ma$e and even rolled with a new crew…50 cent and G-Unit. Yeah, no, wasn’t believable and didn’t quite make sense.

He went ghost again.

However, apparently he’s been around the world and wants that old thing back, which brings us to the present day and his third music comeback. We are confused about how to refer to this dude – is he a rapper or pastor? One thing for sure though, you’d better not ask him. A Baltimore radio DJ asked the question and got his arse ripped when Murda Ma$e, Mason, ahhhh the rapper/pastor…went straight Lifetime and “snapped” on him – in his marble-mouthed drawl, of course.

With a new album, “Now We’re Even,” slated for an October 7th release and a current video featuring Malaysia Pargo from Basketball Wives: LA, Ma$e hit up the BET Awards festivities and did an interview with DJ Konan of 92Q Jams. Clearly, not feeling the vibe of the interview question, Murda Ma$e went into full combat mode chastising Konan:

“I can’t be focused on church questions with HOOD people,” was one retort, while another was, “If they want to talk about church, they have to come to church, and if they want to talk about music, we’re on the air for music and nothing else.”

And this went on for about four-minutes but you can watch a bit of it here.