Muhammad Ali Biopic Re-Released in Theaters

Stepping into the ring as Muhammad Ali was one of the toughest roles Will Smith has had to face. He had already proven himself to be a talented actor, but in 2001, he was taking on the life of a GIANT inside and outside of the ring and undoubtedly the greatest of all time in ALI.

From dialect to physicality and skill, Smith’s performance was dynamic. It was phenomenal and earned him a nod for Best Actor and one that admittedly changed his life.

According to Deadline, this weekend, the film will make its return to the big screen!

“With the passing of Muhammad Ali, we have received many requests for this film to return to theaters, in celebration of his life,” said Rory Bruer, president of Worldwide Distribution for Sony Pictures. “The film truly honors everything that made Ali one of the central figures of our time, a man who commanded his sport but whose personal faith and principles made him mean so much more. Muhammad Ali truly was The Greatest, and this tribute is a great way to honor him.”

Watch the thrilling trailer below.