Magic Mike Fail Yields Scolding from Patti LaBelle

Miss Patti LaBelle may lyrically exude sexuality when she performs her hit “Lady Marmalade.” The “gitchi gitchi ya ya da da” is catchy and that may have you feeling some type of way, but if the queen diva invites you on stage, it’s best you keep those emotions bottled up (and your clothes on your body).

That lesson was learned the hard way during LaBelle’s concert in Vancouver, as the PG-13 performance quickly escalated to an easy “R” when a male fan decided to strip while standing on stage with the vocal goddess.

It had to be one of his most embarrassing moments of life as the songstress didn’t allow the indecent act to  unfold without speaking her mind on the matter.

“Don’t your dare. Not on my stage. No, thank you. Let me say something,” she scolded as her bodyguards walked over with the intent to remove the fan from the stage.

The situation then verbally intensified as LaBelle insisted on handling matters herself.

“I am 71-years-young. I am not Nicki Minaj or that little Miley,” Ms. Patti continued only to be met with the would-be strip teaser making another sexual gesture at the sound of the aforementioned entertainer’s names.

Of course, that definitely wasn’t going to fly.

“Oh, no! Get off of my Goddarn stage, b*tch!”

Final straw applied.

Watch the full incident below and then take our poll. Do you think Miss Patti’s actions were justified or did she take it too far with her rebuke?