Mr. T back with New YouTube Series, Smartphone App

By// Mariah Craddick

Got a problem? Mr. T – of the ’80s TV show A-Team – promises he can help on his new advice show on YouTube, “Ask Mr. T.” Though only one episode has been released thus far (and it’s pretty hysterical, watch the video below), Mr. T promises a total digital takeover, announcing his own iTunes app as well.

The app has several features, including “T-BOOTH” which allows you to transform yourself into Mr. T by adding some facial hair and a bevy of gold chains – because who wouldn’t want to look like Mr. T, right?

While Ask Mr. T seems to be less about giving real advice (and more about repeating cheesy lines from the 80s. “I pity the fool” is sure to come up a lot), the actor did release his own motivational video for kids in 1984 called “Be Somebody…or Be Somebody’s Fool.”

For now, if you have a problem and need someone to solve it, you can submit a question to Mr. T on the iTunes app as well.