If Your Mind Is Still Blown After Seeing ‘Get Out’ You Need To Do The #GetOutChallenge

If you haven’t seen Jordan Peele’s mind blowing satirical horror film Get Out yet, then stop reading this and head to your nearest movie theater. For those you who haven’t been living under a rock for that few weeks, please continue.


Anyway, as many of you probably know, Get Out follows Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), a Black man who heads upstate with his white girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) to meet her parents. Before the couple even gets to the secluded lake house, things start to go left fast, and as the weekend progresses things get downright terrifying.

One of the more alarming sequences during the movie occurs when Chris steps outside the house in the middle of the night for a quick smoke. As he puts the cigarette to his lips, he turns and watches in horror as Walter (Marcus Henderson), Rose’s family’s groundskeeper begins running straight at him at full speed, only to turn abruptly at the very last moment. At the end of the film, we learn that Walter’s body is actually being possessed by Rose’s grandfather, an Olympic sprinter who still feels some type of way about losing to Jese Owens during the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games.

Obviously, this scene was gold for both millennials and Twitter, and thus the #GetOutChallenge was born. So what are the rules here? Basically, you simply have to con your friends and loved ones into recording you while you run at them as fast as you can before changing directions at the last second. To be honest, it looks both exhausting and dangerous. However, some people have risen to the occasion.

Gold State Warriors star Steph Curry got it right.

This entire news station did a great job.