JETflix Fridays: Halloween Edition

Happy Friday!

In honor of Halloween, choose all things scary this Friday night.  Spend your evening checking out some of the spookiest flicks of the year. Grab the popcorn and maybe a hand to hold just in case it gets too terrifying, because these films are JET approved! JETflix Fridays: Halloween edition starts now…

the conjuring


When a flick displays the phrase “based on a true story” in its trailer, it makes the film automatically creepier. The Conjuring is no exception. When the Perron family moves into a new farmhouse, they quickly begin to experience some paranormal activity. Disturbed by the recent events, such as the sudden death of their dog and all the clocks stopping at 3:07, they enlist the help of two investigators. Pick up the DVD, and find out if the family of seven can bury the dark presences that haunt them.

insidious 2


It began two years ago, when one father attempted to rescue his son from the evil spirits that lurked in the realm called “The Further.” Just when the patriarch thought his family found normalcy again, he realized the wicked beings weren’t quite done with them yet. As his loved- ones try to uncover the mystery behind the acts, they eventually realize the answer is right under their noses.  But is it too late? Check out part one first for a refresher, and then dive deeper into the scariness.



This remake of the 1970s classic follows Carrie White, a shy girl totally outcast by her peers. Although her mother aims to console, her overprotective and extreme religious views only push the teen further away. Finally fed up with the constant teasing and taunting during the senior prom, the troubled girl unleashes her newly discovered supernatural terror on her classmates. Out in theaters now, this film will certainly give you the jitters and make you think twice about mistreating others.

Evil dead


A few days of retreat and recovery at a cabin for five friends turns into a night of utter tragedy when they discover the “Book of the Dead.” Loaded with curses and other wicked sayings, the group reads the text and accidentally summons a demon that possesses them all. Now a game of survival, each person fights to the death to stay alive. Dubbing itself as “the most terrifying film you will ever experience,” buy your own copy and decide for yourself.