Deep Conversations Will Continue In ’Dark Girls 2’ 

Dark Girls 2 will continue with an even more intricate look into colorism and perceptions of beauty in the Black community.

Back in 2011, Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry’s sensational documentary Dark Girls took the Black community by storm addressing issues that are often kept behind closed doors. With interviews of regular folks and celebrities sharing their personal experiences, Dark Girls set off a 21st- century conversation surrounding skin color, self-esteem and beauty standards in Black America.

The film’s follow-up Light Girls looked at things from the other end of the spectrum while attempting to determine if having light skin made things easier. By addressing skin color from historical, sociological, psychological and scientific perspectives, both films highlighted how deeply the issue of colorism is embedded into our community.

Still, Duke, and Berry didn’t stop there. The also highlighted the issue across the globe while addressing bullying, skin bleaching, and the absurd #teamlightskin versus #teamdarkskin hashtags that are often found on social media today.

It appears that Dark Girls and Light Girls were just starting the conversation because Dark Girls 2 is currently in production with D. Channsin Berry at the reigns. The new film which is entitled, Dark Girls: Deep, Dark and Perfect, will tackle the question, “How can women and girls get to the place of healing and become their higher selves?”

There is no release date just yet, but we assume the film will drop sometime in 2018. Until then you can check out the previously released films to get an idea about Berry’s direction.