‘Deadpool 2’ Is Already Lit! Marvel Just Cast ‘Atlanta’ Star Zazie Beetz As Dominio

It looks like Donald Glover isn’t the only Atlanta star who can snag a role in a huge movie franchise.

When it was announced that Glover would be starring as Lando Calrissian in the forthcoming Hans Solo Star Wars flick, Atlanta fans also learned that the series would not be returning until 2018.

Though many people were aggravated by the news, the second season’s delay means Glover’s co-stars also have time to make huge waves in the entertainment industry. Actress Zazie Beetz is not playing any games. She just snagged a major role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Since we first learned about the Deadpool sequel after the smash success of the R-rated Marvel film last year, there have been a ton of rumors swirling around about its cast and plot; specifically, the actress who would step into the role of Dominio. For all of you out there who aren’t quite up to speed with the MCU or the comics, Dominio aka Neena Thurman is a member of the X-Men subgroup X-Force. Home girl is super badass and has mutant probability-altering abilities. She’s is also a superb marksmen. Initially, there were rumors that Janelle Monae, who was seen in last year’s award-winning films Moonlight and Hidden Figures was in the running for the role. However, yesterday, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to announce that Beetz was his Domino.

This is incredible news for the actress who stars in the critically acclaimed Atlanta as Van, Glover’s character’s BFF and the mother of his child.

Deadpool 2 is slated to be released in 2018, which means that Beetz is already set for a sensational year. We love seeing Black women win!