Halp! TV Hosts React to ‘Most Desirable’ Claim

most desirable face

During a recent segment on the world’s most desirable face, two Black co-hosts of Good Morning D.C. had the best reactions ever.

A British plastic surgeon claimed he could definitively pinpoint the most attractive face in the world–using research–despite there being around 8 billion people on the earth.

According Dr. Julian De Silva, many of his clients come in asking for Kate Middleton’s nose or Keira Knighley’s eyelids–yes, apparently that’s a thing–and because of that, he figured out what the world’s most attractive person in the world looked like.

Dr. Silva combined the features of celebs his patients continuously ask for the most and came up with what he dubbed the world’s most desirable face.



Things took an unexpectedly hilarious turn when the folks on Good Morning D.C. discussed Dr. Silva’s findings. During the clip, they used the Duchess of Cambridge’s face as a model to examine what made her so darn cute.

While Middleton is indeed attractive, Maureen Umeh and Wisdom Martin’s reactions were absolutely priceless.