Morris Chestnut’s 3 Reasons to Watch ‘Rosewood’

It may be hard to believe, but Morris Chestnut is taking on the small screen as a leading man for the first time in his 25-year-long career.

Say what?!

Of course, the actor has set the box office ablaze with some of our favorite flicks including Boyz N The HoodThe Best Man and his latest hit The Perfect Guy. 

And yes, he’s helped skyrocket ratings for a slew of television shows, such as Nurse Jackie, Legends and American Horror Story.

But FOX’s Rosewood, which premieres Sept. 23 at 8 p.m. est, serves as a history marker for the actor.

The series follows Chestnut’s character Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr., a private pathologist, who is in high demand to help solve some of the most challenging crime cases in Miami.

If tuning in to catch the beau in action isn’t enough, Chestnut is here to personally give you three reasons, in no particular order, to make Rosewood your next addiction.


“My personal attire is not as colorful, but Dr. Rosewood has some nice looks. There was this outfit in episode three that was pretty cool and slick. It was a button up with a grayish blazer. It also had a color in the jacket that’s in the purple family. That was paired with some jeans, nice shoes and a beige belt. The color combination was nice. It was a very stylish look.”


“We have a great cast. I think when you see everybody in their roles, we can definitely qualify as one of the most diverse on television. This is also my first lead TV role. This was an opportunity where the network came to me and asked me if I wanted to consider it. It was just the perfect timing especially with this character. Before, I had done so many movies where I was in a really deep and emotional state. I wanted to do something where I was little bit more upbeat.”


“It’s a very entertaining television show with great value. Dr. Rosewood has health issues, and he has about 10 years left to live. If I only had that much time, it would be tough trying to fit everything into a decade, but I would definitely try to spend as much with my family and loved ones as I could. Despite his trials, he remains optimistic, empathetic and respectable. Those are some characteristics that I definitely share with him.”

Rosewood” airs Wednesday, September 23 at 8 p.m. est on FOX right before the season 2 premiere of “Empire.”