‘Moonlight’ Star Trevante Rhodes Lands New Film

Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight has been receiving all the buzz and it’s well deserved. The film, set in Miami, is an intelligent coming-of-age story that focuses the lens on masculinity, identity and love on all levels.

From the film, the movie industry has gained three emerging stars, whom all took on the role as the lead character, Chiron, in three imperative stages of his life. The budding talent includes Alex Hibbett, Ashton Sanders and Trevante Rhodes.

As the crew has been traveling around the globe to promote Moonlight, which made its nationwide debut on Nov. 4, Rhodes, who took on the role of Chiron in his adulthood, landed another big screen role!

The actor joined the cast of Jerry Bruckheimer’s Afghanistan War drama, Horse Soldiers. The film, produced by Bruckheimer films and Black Label Media, is based on a book by Doug Stanton and follows a U.S. Special Forces team and their captain after they are dispatched to a mountainous region of Afghanistan weeks following 9/11. The Special Force team is then given a mission to join forces with a Northern Alliance warlord in order to drive out the Taliban.

Character details have yet to be released , but after a breakout performance in Moonlight , Rhodes has new eyeballs rooting for him!

In addition to landing Horse Soldiers, Rhodes’ next big screen project is Weightless, set to hit theaters March 17, 2017.

*Photo: Instagram