Moncler, This is NOT a Penguin

A social media call-out has caused popular clothing brand Moncler to issue an apology for their latest coat collection.

The company, known for its trendy down jackets for men, women and kids turned some folks off when they released a line of apparel with a logo that resembled, well a Sambo.

Ahhh, that’s where a flurry of angry tweets rushed in.

Offensive? That would be a mighty YES!

The company explained that the dancing logo was a penguin inspired by the Friends With You “Malfi” character. That maybe true but there still remains that unsettling resemblance to the Sambo figure, which serves as an offensive portrayal of Black people.

Either way, it’s not cool.


And with a little more digging, this 2007 post (mouth-droppingly offensive) came up, which clearly shows the insensitive comparison between the two.

Yep, social media went “IN” and Moncler may lose some customers over the controversial line.

All it takes is a quick search through Google to get a clue about just WHY this is so distasteful. Le sigh.