‘Mom’s Got Game’ to Debut on OWN

OWN's new show "Mom's Got Game" features former WNBA player Pamela McGee and her son, Denver Nuggets center, JaVale McGee.
Courtesy of Own

Mother really knows best on the Oprah Winfrey Network’s new show, Mom’s Got Game, a docu-series depicting the vibrant relationship between former WNBA basketball star Pamela McGee and her son, Denver Nuggets center, JaVale McGee.

Known for her commanding presence on and off the court, Pamela channels this energy when assuming the role of the ultimate “momager,” making sure that all of Javale’s business matters are squared away. While Pam handles all the crazy antics, glitz and glamour associated with NBA stardom, her sidekick “manny,” Jay, is available and ready to aide the boss lady in her many endeavors.

Along with handling her son’s career and occasionally bickering with both JaVale and Jay, Pam must juggle her own personal life of dating and romance. She does so with the help of her support system of girlfriends, a group of fabulous, hardworking, and loud women who also have sons pursuing NBA dreams. They may be a little eccentric and full of sometimes clashing personalities, but family and friends definitely prove to be the most important to Pam and clan.

Catch a clip from the show below and check out the series premiere this Saturday, January 18th at 10 p.m. ET/PT.