Still No Man for Molly, But We Do Know When ‘Insecure’ Returns For Season 2!

So, we’re not holding our breath that Issa and Lawrence will get back together, but we do know that HBO is dropping the second season of the brilliant series on Sunday, July 23rd!

Issa Rae, the series star, and creator, just hopped on her Instagram page to give us all an update about what we’ll see next on the series, and she also answered some of our most burning questions! Is Issa still single? Does Molly finally have a man?! Is Lawrence still fine? (OBVIOUSLY YES!)

"When does season 2 of #InsecureHBO premiere," you ask? @insecurehbo

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Though Issa couldn’t answer all of our questions, we do know that the crew will be returning better than ever. Luckily, July isn’t too far away. After all, we have to know if Molly will finally take her BFF’s advice and get her behind to therapy so that she can figure out her men issues. Other folks are dying to know if Issa and Lawrence can work through their issues and get back together. Lowkey, we would be kind of hype to see Issa with Daniel…the brother is FINE. To be real, it seems like Issa and Lawrence have hurt each other enough. At some point, isn’t it best to just move on?

The final minutes of the Insecure season finale last year left us stunned and sparked some amazing conversations amongst young men and women about betrayal, honesty, and relationships. That’s the thing about Insecure, Issa, the series showrunner Prentice Penny, and the rest of the crew have worked diligently to create amazing characters that are a reflection of who Black millennials are today.

We’re just so excited to see what the series has in store this coming summer! Now that Lawrence is single, the heat is definitely going up a notch.