Misty Copeland: A Ballerina’s Tale

Misty Copeland changed the scope of dance as a Black ballerina who was often told that she’d never make it in the business.

With words that could easily deter aspiration and dampen spirits, Misty used the adversity to fuel the fire she had to become a successful dancer. Her hard work, endured obstacles and determination have not sat dormant in terms of recognition and applause.

Not only has her story inspired many, but her gifts have led to her becoming the second African American female soloist to dance with the American Ballet Theatre, the first Black female principal dancer and in August, Misty debuted on Broadway in ” On The Town.”

Her story is what heartfelt films are made of when it comes to proving that living the life you dreamed can really happen.

Through triumphs and trials, Nelson George’s “A Ballerina’s Tale” unveils Misty Copeland’s journey.

Watch the trailer below and tune in when the documentary hits Video-on-Demand (VOD) and theaters on Oct. 14!