Watch: Miss Colombia On ‘Steve Harvey’

Steve Harvey made one of the biggest flubs on national television when he announced the wrong winner during the 2015 Miss Universe pageant. While the host has apologized multiple times, have the women who were affected the most forgiven him?

Miss Colombia, the first runner-up, made one of her first public appearances on his talk show since the competition, which she described as a nightmare.

“After all of that happened, the only thing I wanted to do was be with my family and take a rest from everything that I went through,” she revealed during the two-part special airing Monday and Tuesday. “I couldn’t believe that happened to me. I needed time.”

A teary-eyed Harvey took the opportunity to express his regret yet again.

He said, “you’re the one person that I wanted to talk to…I just want to say how sorry I am.”

The entire segment wasn’t serious though. The two were able to sneak in a few laughs.

Miss Colombia joked, “You have to learn how to read cards.” Then she and the entertainer reviewed some of their favorite memes from the incident.

All in all, did she forgive him? Check your local listings to see the full episode, and watch the clips below to find out. Click here to listen to Miss Universe’s response.