5 Things With Mike Epps On His New Show Uncle Buck


We all know Mike Epps as the outlandish, always ready to say whatever personality – kind of similar to your favorite cousin. But with his foray into network television, is middle America ready to meet our beloved Day-Day? The comedian stars in ABC’s Uncle Buck, a remake of the 1989 film of the same name. Epps plays the lead character, and Nia Long is along for the ride as his sister-in-law.

Epps spoke with on getting ready for his national network debut.

Below are five take-aways from that conversation.

On bringing his brand of comedy to a major network 

“I’m trying to fit in at the [network], but still bring my thang. I did think…wow, is middle America really going to accept meeting Day-Day [from Friday ] for the first time?”

On working with big league producers

“It’s a different ball game. However, we have some really great writers and Will Packer produced it (Think Like a Man franchise), so they truly understand where I’m coming from.”

On drawing inspiration from a comedic legend

“While we were shooting, I just figured it out. I thought Redd Foxx was a real brother on Sanford and Sons and the world accepted him. So, when I started thinking that way, I knew I could pull it off. You just have to stay conscious of it.”

On adding a little hip-hop flavor to the mix

“One of the upcoming episodes is centered around the little girl Maizy (Aalyrah Caldwell)  and she’s selling cookies. I brought a whole new spin to the idea and only those in the know will catch it. It was sort of like The Notorious B.I.G’s Ten Crack Commandments.”

On making TV that everyone can enjoy

“That irresponsible, fun-loving, been-sleeping-on-people’s-couches-for-thirty-years, just-now-getting-your-license-and-you’re-forty-uncle; people can relate to that. Nobody’s on television like that.”

Watch the trailer below and catch #UncleBuck Tuesdays on ABC at 8c|9pm!