Mike Epps Tackles Race, Stereotypes in Web Series

Race is a subject that will continue to shake, shape and re-shape the world. Stereotypes – every ethnicity deals with them. Stirring those two ingredients together with a side of humor can be tricky.

Admittedly fascinated by racially-based jokes, comedian Mike Epps hosts ‘That’s Racist’ as part of AOL’s goal to launch 16 original content series.

“That’s Racist” follows Epps as he hits the streets on a quest to uncover the origins of racist jokes. No fluff involved, he goes straight to individuals who are on the receiving end, with efforts of unmasking the source and dishing a bit of knowledge in the process.

Being the controversial comedian that he is – last week he was reprimanded by social media for posting an Instagram photo of a Black man whipping White men picking cotton to an “attaboy” from Martin Luther King, Jr.- seems this AOL spot is right up his alley.

What do you think of the premise of “That’s Racist”?  Let us know in the comments.