Uh Oh: Mike Epps Calls Out Chris Rock

Comedian/actor Mike Epps, known for his huge smile and subtle punchlines, is amping up his resumé with a recurring role on Starz “Survivor’s Remorse,‘ landing the Richard Pryor film and appearances in the upcoming HBO biopic Bessie starring Queen Latifah and BET’s hit show, Being Mary Jane.

A round of applause for his accolades is fair, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Mike Epps! In a recent Tom Joyner Morning Show interview, the “Next Friday” funnyman launched a full-on grenade at Chris Rock and his film “Top Five.”

“I haven’t seen it. I don’t know why they called it ‘Top Five” there wasn’t one good comedian in the whole movie. I don’t know why they keep giving Chris Rock opportunities. He’s a great standup and a good Meerkat. When do these white people – they’re blind. They keep giving the wrong dude opportunities.

Say What! The nerve.

True, it’s your opinion, but how are you qualified to speak on a film you’ve admitted to not seeing?

And we’ll wait…because you know Chris Rock will have something for his fellow comic.

What are your thoughts on Epps’ comments? Was he out of line? Or is Chris Rock overrated?