Michelle Obama Talks Melania Trump Speech Theft

Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama doesn’t allow anything to knock her cool. She’s genuine even when responding to situations that would have the average person ready to toss out a curse word or two.

But, FLOTUS, in all of her grace, will sit pretty with a smirk and head nod.

An example of this poised gesture came Tuesday night when the First Lady made an appearance on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show.

The topic was Melania Trump and we all recall how she stole Michelle Obama’s speech, and delivered it nearly verbatim as if it were her own during the Rebublican National Convention. Errr…uhhh…yep. It happened. And it was bad. SO. BAD.

While the social media dragged Mrs. Trump, the First Lady hadn’t said much. Until now:

Another key note from her six-minute sit-down, was the “no sympathy” notion for the presidential candidates and those who choose to stand by them during the campaign trail.

First Lady Michelle Obama wins again with this one!