Michelle Obama Praises Hillary Clinton in New Ad

We’re less than two months away from November’s presidential election, and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is rolling out the heavy hitters. In addition to President Obama and Vice President Biden, the former Secretary of State has First Lady Michelle Obama singing her praises, too.

Mrs. Obama electrified Democrats this summer in Philadelphia at the convention, brushing aside Republican attacks, telling the crowd, “When they go low, we go high.” This phrase has continued to be repeated both by Clinton and the First Lady out on the campaign trail.

Wednesday, Mrs. Obama appeared at a rally in Philly and took some tough shots at Donald Trump.

“When it comes to the qualifications we should demand in a president, to start with, we need someone who will take the job seriously. Someone who will study and prepare so that they understand the issues better than anyone on their team,” Mrs. Obama said, never actually mentioning Trump’s name. “We need someone who is steady and measured, because when making life-or-death, war-or-peace decisions, a president can’t just pop off or lash out irrationally. No, we need an adult in the White House.”

In a new campaign ad, the First Lady touted Clinton’s ability to be a good role model for young people.

Mrs. Obama’s message was clear: Trump is not only unqualified, he’s a bad influence.

“Our children watch everything we do, and the person we elect as president has the power to shape their lives for years to come,” Mrs. Obama said. “Hillary will be a president our kids can look up to. A president who believes in our kids and will fight for them every day. That’s why I believe in her.”

As an extremely popular figure, Mrs. Obama will be a valuable asset to Clinton, who’s hoping to sure up support among young people and communities of color–two groups who love the First Lady.