Michaela Coel’s ‘Been So Long’ Looks Sexy AF

Michaela Coel’s newest project is a stunning love story and musical.

Black love stories are hard to come by these days. Except for Tahir Jetter’s 2016 flick, How To Tell You’re A Douchebag, millennials usually have to turn to 1997’s Love Jones or 2000’s Love & Basketball if we’re feeling squishy and romantic. However, Michaela Coel’s latest film, Been So Long is about to change all of that.

A film that encompasses, romance, rage and revenge, Been So Long, is a musical set in Camedon, London that follows Coel’s character Simone, a dedicated single mother who, on a rare night on the town is charmed by a handsome yet troubled stranger, igniting old and new feelings. Arinze Kene is also set to star.

Been So Long will include an all-singing and dancing cast, so it’s basically going to be a lush, Black, English version of La La Land. Coel announced the news on her Instagram page with the hilarious caption,

“Che Walker, the man whom if it was not for I wouldn’t be an actress (is that correct grammar?), wrote a film, and for him, I’d do anything: including honour a character in his film and shave my hair off. Been So Long. This is the first image released by Cannes.Don’t ask me when it’s out mans don’t know. ❤ #NoWeAreNotDating#ThisFilmWillNotBoyBlockMe”

Ashley Thomas, Joe Dempsie, Luke Norris, Rakie Ayola and newcomer Maya Lewis are also set to star. Filming for Been So Long has already begun, so we might see it before the end of this year.

Until then you can catch the BAFTA award winning actress as Tracey on Netflix’s Chewing Gum.