Poll: Is This Michael Jackson’s Lovechild?

King of Pop Michael Jackson may have fathered a lovechild, according to a DNA test.

Insert “Billie Jean” joke here.

It appears as though the King of Pop may have another heir to the throne.

According to TMZ, British singer B. Howard (real name: Brandon Howard) conducted a DNA test using one of Michael Jackson’s orthodontic devices and there’s a “99.9 percent” chance that MJ could be his father.

Howard’s mother, Miki Howard, reportedly toured with Jackson back in the day and sometimes went by the nickname “Billy.” Could one of Jackson’s most popular songs be based on a true story?

“Billie Jean” was released in 1983 and B. Howard is 31, so the math adds up. But Jackson, who wrote and composed the song alongside producer Quincy Jones, said the song was about groupies he’d encountered.

Howard, however, denies that he contacted TMZ and says he has no intention of suing Jackson’s estate. Hmm…