Michael B Jordan Starring in ‘Thomas Crown Affair’

Michael “Bae” Jordan is returning to the big screen and this time he’s switching it up.

Fresh off of his knock-out performance in the award-winning movie Creed, Jordan trades in his boxing gloves and picks up the habit of sticky fingers in the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair.

MBJ will take the lead role as a debonair master thief, who is adventurous in nature and feels that he’s just pulled off the perfect multi-million dollar bank heist. That is, until a female insurance investigator enters the playing field oozing wit, sexuality and a strong focus on catching her target.

The original 1968 film starred Steve McQueen and later Pierce Brosman as the bank robber. On the production end, MBJ will be joined by Captain America directors, Joe and Anthony Russo as producers of film reboot.

A production schedule as yet to be released and the search for the film’s director is in progress.

We’ll keep you looped!