Messy Biz: Did DJ Drama Cause Meek Mill, Drake Beef?

The music business can turn into messy politics in a heartbeat.

When Meek Mill came after Drake with ghostwriting allegations, hip and pop culture were caught with swarming question marks.

Where did this come from? Why of all rappers would Meek test Drake, who’s winning on various levels of the game? And what does Nicki have to say about her beau beefing with her buddy?

When a song by artist Quentin Miller with a similar lyrical flow to Drake’s verse on Meek Mill’s ‘Rico’, reached Meek’s ears, the ghostwriting blast hit the Interwebs.

So, how and why did Meek get word of the Quentin Miller reference track in the first place?

According to DJ Drama’s ex-wife, Summer Walker, Drama leaked the music to the Maybach Music artist. The track eventually landed in the possession of Funk Master Flex, and of course, he blasted the record on Hot 97.

In a fiery series of tweets, Summer laid it all out.

The inside scoop came to a rumble in 140-characters amid a war of words and heart between Drama and Summer about alimony payments.

Airing dirty laundry over social media is never a smart move and proves to usually escalate drama. (No pun intended.)

Sheesh...tweets are watching.