Who is Messing With LL Cool J?

We have one question: Who ticked off LL and caused him to put a few trolls in check via social media?

Whatever the cause, it led to the following responses from the legendary entertainer:


Ok, LL is usually low-key when it comes to the drama and twitter beefs, but clearly something crawled into his skin and told the modest Mr. Smith to take an exit. After a little digging, we ran across this (below) Feb. 25 post from @HazieThoughts, which put LL’s emceee greatness in past tense.

The tweet actually caught LL’s attention and he responded, “According to @HazieThoughts I was a pretty good rapper.. thanks…

After a few more tweets reminding folks of his hip hop contributions and multi-faceted business endeavors, the cool, calm and collected Mr. Smith made a return and left an encouraging message to all.