Meryl Streep’s Take on Diversity

Meryl Streep, are you out of your mind? No, I’m really asking here.

The actress, who is the president of The Berlin International Film Festival this year, hosted an all-white panel, tasked with choosing the winners of the Golden Bear and Silver Bear awards.

During a press conference, she dismissed questions about diversity and inclusion by responding, “We’re all African really.”

“This jury is evidence that at least women are included and in fact dominate this jury,” Streep said to reporters. “That’s an unusual situation in bodies of people who make decisions. So I think the Berlinale is ahead of the game.”

Wait…no, no.

The nerve of you to sit as the president of The Berlin International Film Festival among your all-white comrades and think you’re a step toward improvement.  Evidence continues to show that Black voices are left unheard and now, you’ve shown us that you’re just another “star” who doesn’t get it.

You nor your jury panel were indentured servants. The seven women who will decide who the film winners are were not used as medical experiments who had no say-so when it came to the use of their bodies. I’m sure none of you have to take extreme safety measures in the presence of police. Your children aren’t “out of the womb” targets because of the color of their skin and you’re certainly not looked upon as inferior beings.

No, you all do not nor have you ever endured the same struggles.

Sure, you can pose at basketball games with 50 Cent, but don’t mistake the hangout for identifying with Black culture.


And in the words of Charlamagne The God, congratulations, “You get Donkey of the day.”