Melody Ehsani Pays Homage to Allen Iverson’s Iconic Shoes

In 1996, the legendary Allen Iverson released his first sneaker, The Reebok Question making its debut during his Rookie of The Year Campaign. Now 20 years later, L.A. designer Melody Ehsani has revamped the iconic creation to commemorate the shoe’s anniversary.

To make things even better, Ehsani had Iverson’s children, Tiaura, Messiah and Dream, along with their mother Tawanna, appear in the campaign.

Ehsani announced the release date on her Instagram page on Monday, accompanied by a heartfelt message.

A STEP FORWARD: When given the opportunity to work on the design of a shoe that was iconic to one of the greatest basketball players of all time, I was honored. To me, Allen Iverson changed the culture of basketball. He introduced a new style of dress, attitude and authenticity and did it with NO apologies regardless of how much inertia he went up against. TODAY, we are moving all of those ideals forward into the feminine. It’s OUR time to redefine the culture that surrounds everything holding us back or making us feel less than. You are who we’ve been waiting for. Pictured in this campaign I had the privilege of shooting the beautiful ladies of the Iverson family, all of which are carrying their fathers legacy forward. Stay tuned… #melodyehsani #MExAI #alleniverson #mexreebok Photo by: @garyland

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About a week ago, Ehsani posted a picture of Iverson with the shoe along with a reference to Solange‘s song, FUBU, hinting at the shoe’s woman’s touch.

To all my ladies in the whole wide world…this sh!t is for us #melodyehsani #MExAI #reebokclassic #alleniverson

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M.E. Question is scheduled to be released December 2nd at Ehsani’s L.A flagship store, her website, and