Meek Mill Apologizes to Nicki for Drake Rant

Meek Mill definitely needs to watch what he tweets.

The “Bag of Money” rapper released a barrage of tweets dissing fellow rapper Drake, specifically about how he shouldn’t be compared to the Young Money star because he doesn’t write his own lyrics.

The internet went nuts, with hilarious tweets, memes and digs being taken at Meek Mill.

But that was the least of his worries. According to TMZ, Meek had some making up to do with his girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

The two were performing Wednesday night in Virginia when he apologized to her for talking smack about her labelmate.

While he did apologize to his leading lady, Meek did not back off his accusation. He said he was “upset as a fan” that Drake’s verse on his album was written by someone else, according to Meek.

The Drake controversy kicked off late Wednesday when Funkmaster Flex leaked Drake’s song “10 Bands” allegedly being performed by the man who ghost wrote it.


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