Media Frenzy: When Stars Turn the Tables

We’ve got nothing against the media.  Heck, we are the media.  But even we can see when journalists have taken it too far.  And in case you don’t know what we mean, look no further back than yesterday at this clip that is making the Internet rounds.

A Bloomberg on-air host got a wake-up call, courtesy of film-making inspiration Spike Lee when she began a segment talking greasy about his new kickstarter campaign.  Check out what happened, and then let’s rewind to a few other instances when the fourth estate got what was coming to them….big time.

1. Do the Wrong Thing

Spike Lee went full fledged prosciutto on this host Trish Regan on Bloomberg, as well he should have, for this appalling intro in which she basically implies “many” want to know what the rich, Oscar-nominated icon is doing on kickstarter.  Lee takes her down by refusing to allow her to hide behind the vague mask of “inquiring minds want to know” and reminding her that he would not snatch money from fledgling filmmakers when he is, in fact, a professor at a venerable film school.  I wonder if she would have done the same if she’d had “Veronica Mars” creator Rob Thomas in the hot seat.  No clue, but I am willing to guess she wanted to crawl off the set and hide in the green room after this fiery exchange.

2.  Book Mark

I am still cringing with embarrassment for this Fox host Lauren Green whose wooden, one-track line of questioning for this religious scholar has been the stuff of Interweb legend.  The best part is when Reza Aslan outright questioned whether she had ever read the book, “Zealot: : The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth,”  (it was pretty clear she might not have even seen it, based on her interview) and he reminded her that despite his Muslim faith, he studies a variety of faiths and is able to speak and write intelligently about Jesus.  But the absolute icing on the cake was when a flustered Green accused him of “hiding” his belief system and he let her know it was in the front of the book and challenged her to find one interview where this bit of biographical information was not front and center.  In. That. Order.

3.  Today’s Special

Matt Lauer has gone from beloved morning show host to enemy of the state, due to some shady dealings with co-worker Ann Curry.  But for those who thought he was so charming, the chinks in his armor had begun to show even before Curry-gate.  In 2010,  Lauer attempted to go bad lieutenant on Kanye West, essentially trying to shame the Windy City MC for his infamous post-Katrina  remark that “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.”  The host even attempted to air the former president’s interview for West to watch again, in which he appeared crestfallen about West’s statements, but West cut him off, stating he wasn’t interested in  the TV high jinx and “jazz” and pressing on with his own remarks.  Watch for the 3:13 mark and feel free to laugh at Lauer all over again.   Kudos to ‘Ye for shutting that forced apology down.

4.  Sister, Sister

As a woman with a younger sister whom I love dearly, I can understand that nobody wants to be constantly compared to a sibling. Sure, there are some folks who don’t mind riding on coattails, but do not count Miss Solange Knowles amongst that number.  Folks ain’t know how strong her independent streak was back then, but she started off the segment sonning the anchor whom she thought had mentioned Jay-Z’s business in connection with her.  She called the woman unprofessional on air.  Not sure if this was a righteous move, given it appeared to be a misunderstanding, but I can’t be mad at this singer for standing up for herself.

Them folks were mad too!  Watch the aftermath below.