Maxwell Slammed For ‘All Lives Matter’ Tweets

Maxwell may be known for his soul-stirring hits, but he came under fire earlier today after tweeting about the recent tragedy in Dallas, Texas with the hashtag #AllHumanLivesMatter.

“This is will not end good if we don’t do something,” the singer wrote in a now deleted tweet. Then he added the offending tags, #americanlivesmatter #whocaresaboutcolor #humanlivesmatter.

While Maxwell thought he was being helpful and inclusive in his response, others were upset he chose this moment–just a day after many watched 32-year-old Philando Castile die on a Facebook Live video–to insist all lives, not specifically Black ones, mattered.

After being called out, Maxwell quickly tried to clarify his #AllLivesMatter stance and assure fans he believes Black lives do indeed matter.

So…I guess he cleared that up?