Master of the Mix: Catching Up With DJ Dimepiece

DJ Dimepiece Master of the Mix


By// Starrene Rhett Rocque caught up with the award winning “Mixin Vixin” DJ Dimepiece, to chat about her spot on Vh1’s Master of the Mix. She can’t reveal whether she’s going to snatch that crown during the competition but she assures us that she knows her stuff, and fills us in on what viewers can expect to watch and her future projects. Check it out:

There’s various types of DJs on Master of the Mix, so what element do you feel you bring to the show?

Obviously, like everybody else I’m a dj, but I’m the only one that has a radio background. I’m the only one does radio. Everybody else is just a DJ. They either DJ in a club or DJ competitions or do mixtapes, maybe. But I’m the only one that brings that element of the mic voice delivery and radio mix shows, so I stand out on that element. Hip-hop is my roots and a lot of people see that, especially with even the first episode.

If you were judging the competition what would you specifically look for?

To me, DJ’ing is more than scratching. I know that’s what’s people think of when you’re competing, and I’m not just saying that because scratching isn’t my focus but I will look at skills like scratching and personality because that wins as well with DJ’ing because whether you’re on the radio or you’re in a club or on a mixtape, that needs to show as well because anybody can play music, anybody can play a record; it’s how you do it and how you show your personality and creativity, so I would look for that and also other skills of a DJ like, scratching mixing cutting, music selection how quickly you’re able to get a certain amount of records in and then playing the right records and hits because to me that makes a master. If you’re a master of something you’re a master of various entities, not just one so that’s what I would look for, more than one element.

How do you deal with the criticism on the show since you are established?

It’s hard. I’m very sensitive when it comes to what I do and it’s hard to hear people judge you, because you want to do well so it was tough but I understood it’s a competition and I’m trying to take each challenge that’s given to me and each critique that was given to me to hopefully build for the next episode. So hopefully they like the next episode and I can stay longer.

What DJ’s influenced you when you were coming up?

Of course Kid Capri, he’s one of the main DJS that I’ve seen that has ever advanced to doing concerts and live shows and television and getting paid big bucks just to DJ so of course him. DJ Cocoa Chanelle, and DJ Jazzy Jeff, those are my main ones.

What do you hope viewers take away from Master of the Mix?

It would be lovely to take away that quarter of a million dollars [laughs]. But it’s more than the money. I would love to take away a good experience and I would love to become a better DJ. That’s what challenges do. We’re literally doing challenges to get closer to the title so I want to take these challenges and build and get stronger from it because that’s my ultimate goal, to be the best DJ. I literally want to become the master of the mix. It might not be on the show and it might be but I want to be a master of the mix, period.

What else are you working on?

I’m dropping a record within the next week, and I’m gonna debut it on the radio station I work for, WGCI. So I’m looking forward to that. I’m also ding an in-store at Guitar Center, where I’ll be playing the record and just giving out posters and good stuff like that. It’s high-energy dance, trap music that I think America will enjoy.