‘Mary Mary’ Recap

Faith will be tested in the most emotionally charged and intense season of WE TV’s MARY MARY,.

Are you guys still on this Mary Mary train? Chile, it’s getting so heavy, I have to remind myself this isn’t my life. Last night’s episode gave us a glimpse into the aftermath of Teddy’s infidelity and once again left audiences unsure of what to expect. However, did you know Mary Mary has a third member? Continue reading to find out more.

Flying Solo

Erica has officially hired a solo manager, Kenneth Crear, on the heels of Mary Mary firing their manager Mitchell Solerik. Kenneth wasn’t playing any games and came in ready to work. He had a deadline for Erica’s solo project, and was even working on a perfume and merchandise for her brand. The man was ready; however, Erica didn’t have a complete album. Okay, let’s be honest, she only had one song. To make matters worse, Kenneth had been trying to meet with Erica’s husband, Warren, in order to make her solo project flow smoothly. Well, Kenneth finally sat with Warren and it wasn’t productive, at all. Warren refused to tell Kenneth his deadline for Erica’s project. Ummm why? Yeah, maybe all of the unprofressionalism wasn’t Mitch’s fault after all. I’m just saying…

ALL of the Sisters can Saaang!

Tina took some time to herself, which left Erica on her own for the Cinderella Ball, which Mary Mary performs at every year for the families of veterans. No need to worry, Erica called in back up from their sister, Goo Goo, who is also their stylist and sister, Shanta. Goo Goo previously sang backup for Mary Mary back in the day, so this was a breeze for her. Shanta, on the other hand, was struggling. Even though she sings in church EVERY Sunday, the pressure of filling her sister’s superstar shoes was getting to her, and caused her to have a mini-breakdown. But she pulled herself together and eventually delivered. So can ALL of the sister’s sing? Ya’ll need to take this show on the road. I’d definitely come.

Forgiveness is a Virtue

In a sense, we’ve grown accustomed to Tina going through her ups and downs of NOT forgiving Teddy, and it’s usually Erica being the voice of reason. But in last night’s episode Erica told her husband Warren she’s having a hard time forgiving him. Warren told Erica to stay out of it, but she had a meeting with Teddy to express her feelings. In Erica’s defense, she needed to talk to Teddy. She’s with Tina majority of the time, and is basically walking with her through this hurt. Erica is even taking a few blows for Teddy, because we’ve definitely seen Tina blow up on Erica out of frustration for Teddy. Erica chose to forgive him after their discussion, but didn’t fail to inform him that she wanted to punch him in the face. Lol, gotta love her loyalty to her sister.

What were some of your favorite highlights from last night’s episode? How about when Erica took the girls to meet Mindless Behavior? Priceless. Sound off below!

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