‘Mary Mary’ Recap: Season Finale

JET cover story with gospel duo Mary Mary.

From breakups to makeups, last night’s season finale of ‘Mary Mary’ took my blood pressure through a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. As audiences prepared to say goodbye to the duo, the last millisecond of last night’s season finale is proof that it actually may not be over after all.

Overcoming Fear

This season we followed Tina’s journey as she struggled to forgive and love husband Teddy after his infidelity. Well, I guess God does work in mysterious ways, because who would have thought all this time her healing would come through zip lining in New Zealand? You heard me right. Last night Tina, who’s usually the scary sister, overcame her fear and zip lined. She even said that experience would help her overcome her fear of loving again. And let’s talk about Teddy popping up in the middle of her interview and proposing again. Chile, he got on one knee, serenaded her, and pulled out a ring that screamed “I’m sorry and I mean it”. Of course she said yes. It’s been a long journey and frankly I feel like I’ve been going through it with them, thanks to the cameras. We’re all tired. It’s time to love again and I wish them nothing but the best.

Perfect timing Erica

To be honest, I didn’t have any major thoughts about Erica Campbell going solo. It never dawned on me that this could be the beginning of her exodus from Mary Mary. However, last night Erica made it completely clear that she wanted OUT of Mary Mary. Here’s why her timing is perfect: she’s struggling with her vocal cords and sometimes needs to rely on Tina to pick up her slack. Most of her solo invites are because of Mary Mary. Oh, and we can’t forget it’s a perfect time to snatch away the one thing her sister Tina looks forward to in the middle of her storm. Perfect right? NOT. AT. ALL. I see why Tina walked off the stage. Unlike Beyonce, Tina is NOT going to front like all is well when she exits the elevator. Nope, she aint gone do it.

He’s back?

In the midst of me laying down my flowers on the Mary Mary grave site/wondering if they’re REALLY going to break up, or if this is just drama for the cameras playing with my emotions, the doorbell rings. Both Tina and Erica “claim” to have no idea who it is, which had me wondering too. Is it Teddy again with a surprise wedding this time? Is it Justin back to proclaim his love for Goo Goo? WHO IS IT? Ya’ll, why was it Mitch?!?! Remember? Their manager who they fired. Why is HE at the door? Oh yeah, I feel a reunion about to happen in my spirit. Bring on Season 4.

Did you watch last night’s season finale of Mary Mary? What were your thoughts on Tina leaving the stage? Will you be watching Season 4?

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