‘Mary Mary’ Recap: Gospel Rivalry?

Faith will be tested in the most emotionally charged and intense season of WE TV’s MARY MARY,.

Maybe I’m a big ball of emotion, but last night’s episode of Mary Mary caused me to cry, again. What is wrong with me? On the other hand, the sisters did rub me the wrong way with one of their decisions. Find out why Mary Mary continues to take me on an emotional roller coaster with each episode.

Introducing Erica Campbell

Scoot over Mary Mary, Erica Campbell is officially solo! Last night’s episode featured Erica Campbell diving into her solo career with a radio interview, solo performance, and hiring a solo manager. It’s getting real. I’m all for Erica being a solo artist and being able to express herself as an individual; however, she’s still a member of Mary Mary. The sisters complained to their manager, Mitch, about extending their brand, etc. Last night they had a meeting with a handbag company, with hopes of embarking on yet another business venture. Erica was late to that meeting, because she was doing a interview for the Erica Campbell brand. Tina didn’t see anything wrong with her arriving to the meeting late, and couldn’t understand why Mitch was irritated. Ladies, that was unprofessional. If that meeting was already on the books, then show up on time and deliver. Period. Radio interviews will always be there.

Everybody Ain’t Saved, Boo

Erica’s husband, Warren Campbell, signed her as a solo artist to his record label My Block Records. He worked hard to make a new sound for her outside of Mary Mary, and what does Erica do? She sent her brand new song to some of her gospel buddies in the industry. Bless her heart, but I see why your husband was upset. Gospel or secular, people will steal your stuff. Everybody aint saved, boo.

I Gotta Forgive, But Taking You Back Is Something Completely Different

Last week Tina told all about her husband Teddy’s infidelity. This week, audiences got a chance to view the emotional aftermath. As the ladies prepare to appear on The View, Tina isn’t feeling it and is definitely not one to fake the funk. She’s having a hard time ministering and being fully present, knowing how broken she is on the inside. Tina’s hurt confirms that money and success can’t buy you love. She even stated she’s willing to leave all her fame and fortune, and be perfectly fine with her family and singing in a church choir on Sunday mornings. Powerful, right? It seems like Tina and Teddy’s marital issues are going to be a regular throughout this season, so keep those tissue boxes handy, and say an extra prayer for Black love.

YOUR TURN: What did you think of last night’s episode? Is Erica wrong for the way she’s handling her solo career with Mitch?

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