‘Mary Mary’ Recap: Cover Girls

Faith will be tested in the most emotionally charged and intense season of WE TV’s MARY MARY,.

Last night’s episode of Mary Mary continued to take our emotions on a roller coaster ride. Find out why audiences were left unsure about everything…

Team Mitch

So the Marys still haven’t fired Mitch, which is only making things even more awkward. However, he accompanied them to Chicago and unfortunately found about about Teddy’s infidelity from the cover of EBONY magazine. SMH. He did throw a mini-fit about the unprofessionalism of the situation to Erica, but was smart enough not bring any of that to Tina’s doorstep. Mitch actually understood how the affairs had effected Tina’s attitude, which allowed him to put things into perspective. He even gave her that big brother kiss on the forehead after her Windy City Live performance, saying “You went out there and you did your thing, and you lived it.” So. Encouraging. Aww… are you ladies sure you want to let him go?

But Wait…There’s More

Teddy’s infidelity continues to be the theme of this season. He cheated. Tina forgave him. Simple right? Nope. Last night, Teddy revealed to Tina there were MULTIPLE affairs. Eeeekkk. That news definitely added fuel to the fire and took the life out of Tina. She didn’t attend the christening of Erica’s children and skipped the radio interview in Chicago with Pastor John Hannah. But she found the strength to sing “Go Get It” live on a television show in Chicago, which gave her the boost of hope she needed. Isn’t it wonderful how the gift God gave her to uplift others, uplifted her? LOVE it!

I Need My Mama

Tina and Erica have a tight bond, but Erica had a hard time handling Tina on the road after Teddy revealed he had multiple affairs. Becase Tina wasn’t talking to Teddy, Erica knew there was only one other person she could call to balance Tina: Mama Honey. Yep, Mama came to Chicago to get her baby together. How about the scene of Tina and her mom going back and forth about being broken? Priceless. Especially because we know the sisters’ father died a few months ago, and Tina revealed they didn’t have a great relationship. It’s beautiful to see the love between Tina and her mom. We’re quickly learning that it’s going to take a village to restore Tina and Teddy’s marriage.

Have you guys been keeping up with Mary Mary? Am I the only one who has absolutely no idea about what to expect from this season? This one is hard to call. Sound off below!

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