‘Mary Mary’ Recap

Faith will be tested in the most emotionally charged and intense season of WE TV’s MARY MARY,.

Who’s still riding this Mary Mary train? Ya’ll went in on Twitter last night! Seems like Erica’s desire to go solo raises a question of who are they REALLY singing for?

Can’t let go…

Tina, Tina, Tina. One moment she’s back in love with her husband Teddy, the next she wants out of their marriage. I can’t blame her. Did you guys hear her mention how she asked him about every. single. detail. regarding his affairs? And he told her. No wonder she can’t fully forgive and move forward, if she keeps playing what happened AND HOW in her head. Poor Teddy. Tina went IN on him while FaceTiming him from Australia. He handled it pretty well though. Yeah bro, you need to keep calm and let her get it all out, in order to move on.

Singing for Jesus or nah?

Do you guys follow the #MaryMary hashtag while watching the show? Well, I did last night and it seems like some people are fed up. Erica’s desire to go solo is coming off a bit selfish and pushy. To be honest, it seems like it’s more of her husband’s Warren dream, than hers. I mean, he sat there and basically told Erica’s manager that he supports the end of Mary Mary. He was even encouraging it, which left Twitterland all in a frenzy. Why does it matter WHO Erica sings for, if ultimately she’s singing for the Lord? We have questions!

New material PUH-LEEZE

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like every episode has been the same lately? It’s the same storyline. Tina husband cheated. Erica is going solo and is having vocal trouble. The end. Why aren’t they following sister/stylist GooGoo anymore? Or what about sister Alana? We need new material, people! I love you guys, but I’m getting bored. *yawns*

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