WATCH: Mary Akpa Reminds Us How Love Begins

Mary Akpa

Nigerian born, California raised singer/songwriter Mary Akpa released a music video for her latest single, “That Day on the Train.” The song is full of harmonic melodies and overall joyful noise as Akpa sings a lovely ballad about meeting her lover for the first time.

Entranced with amorous visuals, Akpa takes us on a journey to what the beginning of a love story looks and feels like. In what starts as a simple glance and a smile, turns into dancing in the sunset and laying side by side in a field of flowers.

“We’re all so stimulated that we often close ourselves off to what we may think is outside of what we want to see, feel, think, experience…” states Akpa. “That Day On The Train is a reflection of love found in the most unexpected of places – on a subway ride in Brooklyn. It travels through the spectrum of love’s symptoms, from the euphoric to the chaotic, and arrives at the question: what is this thing they call love?”

This single comes as Akpa’s first musical release after her 2012 Brave EP, and has earned her considerable recognition in her home country of Nigeria.

Watch Mary Akpa’s video below and see a beautiful love story come to life.