Marvin Gaye’s Son to Sue Over ‘Empire’

Here we go again. Lee Daniels might be getting hit with another lawsuit over his hit show Empire. Who is on the other end of this case? The answer is Marvin Gaye III, the son of the legendary singer of the same name.

That’s right. According to TMZ, the heir claims he is the originator of the series and his idea was stolen.

He even has proof.

Gaye says he registered a show titled Diamonds and Ballads to the Writers Guild of America back in 2010 and pitched his vision to television executives across the country.

Through all of the email exchanges, he believes a member of Daniels’ crew got wind of his creation. That reportedly prompted Daniels to successfully sell it to FOX by referencing some of the same keywords Gaye used, such as the “Black Dynasty” or “Sopranos,” to describe the show.

This isn’t the first person to allege they’re the inventor of EmpireLast week, a 53-year-old woman declared Cookie’s character was inspired by her life.

The jury is still out whether she is legit, but the Gaye family does have some experience with coming out on top in the courtroom. Think Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams. Could Gaye’s bloodline do it again? Take our poll below.