Marvin Gaye III Stresses Urgency for Kidney Transplant

Photo Credit: Marvin Gaye III

About three years ago, in what was supposed to be a happy moment in Marvin Gaye III’s life, he found out his kidneys were failing him.  It was just a month after he had married his wife, Wendy. He had been living with Type 2 diabetes for about 20 years at this point, but he soon realized it was finally starting to take a toll on him.

Marvin had began undergoing dialysis three times a week while still finding time to work on his album and preserve his dad’s legacy. However things were beginning to get more serious for him.

Hoping to have found a kidney transplant by now, his body is now starting to deteriorate, he says. He has reached Stage 5, end stage of life, where it is more urgent than ever to find an adequate donor.  Marvin has made his condition public not only to help himself, but to help others dealing with diabetes.

“This can be beat,” Marvin insists. However without his kidneys working properly, he is experiencing excessive weight gain and diminishing energy levels.

Ever since he found out he was experiencing renal failure, he has been having trouble finding an adequate donor since obesity and diabetes is so common in minorities. But he is not letting that stop him.

“He can have a heart attack at any time now,” explains his wife, Wendy. “I’ve had to become his full time caregiver.” She has to adjust to seeing him undergo dizzy spells and fainting. However, even though things have changed in her marriage, she still passionately states: “I still love my husband.”

Marvin and his wife have decided to use what they are going through  to help the community. They want to help inform people about nutrition practices and get them familiar with diabetes well before it gets severe.  Marvin has also announced plans for donating the proceeds from his upcoming album to a major kidney health and research organization.

“Only God knows the time frame at this point but we are looking to find a kidney as soon as possible,” she added.

If anyone would like to donate contact the Kidney Transplant Donor Line at 866-672-5333 or send an email to