Gina Rodriguez Wants To Bring The First Queer Latina Marvel Superhero To Life

Jane The Virgin -- Pictured: Gina Rodriguez as Jane -- Photo: JSquared/The CW -- 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez wants to bring Marvel Comics’ first queer Latina superhero to life. Though she is only beginning her solo journey in the Marvel Comics, superhero America Chavez is already killing it when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

Chavez first arrived on the scene back in 2013 in Young Avengers, but now that she is the star of her own series, people are starting to really pay attention. Written by Gabby Rivera, a self-described queer brown Latina feminist, the comic writer told Refinery29 that she was a bit uncertain about taking the reigns of Chavez’s story at first. She said, “It’s a little bit terrifying and intimidating to be a queer woman entering the Marvel universe. Internally I’ve been like; man are people gonna read this and tear me apart because of my identities? Because I’m a woman?”

However, as soon as the art for the comics dropped with America Chavez channeling Beyoncé, we all knew it was about to be lit. Now, the Marvel superhero has garnered the interest of Gina Rodriguez who desperately wants to bring her story to the big screen. Earlier this month at a SXSW panel entitled, Hacking the Script: Disrupt Diversity in Hollywood, Geeks of Color reported that Rodriguez enthusiastically discussed the role. The Golden Globe winner has been vocal in the past about refusing to take on roles that are riddled with Latina stereotypes, so this would be the perfect fit for her. Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been planned out through 2019, but this could definitely be an incredible Phase Four project.

Although Latinos are 18% of the population, they make up only 5.8% of the characters depicted in films and on television. Becky G’s role as Trini, the queer Yellow Ranger in the forthcoming Power Rangers film is a great step in the right direction, but there is certainly a long way to go. What do you think about Gina Rodriguez bringing America Chavez to the big screen?