Marvel Introduces New Black Superhero!

Marvel’s tap into diversity is still on the uphill.

Following the casting of Michael B. Jordan as the “Human Torch” in the recently released Fantastic Four, the Marvel Universe has added Moon Girl.

Moon Girl is Black and educated. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Amy Reeder, co-writer of the new comic, describes her as a “female Inspector Gadget – only this time, she knows what she’s doing.”

The investigative series, titled Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, pairs the red Tyrannosaurus Rex (Devil Dinosaur), an original creating by Jack Kirby, with the teenaged Lunella Lafayette.

The series’ writers, Reeder, Brandon Montclare and artist Natacha Busto created this new addition with hopes to further embrace inclusivity and storylines with characters that attract comic book fans of all ages.

Here’s a win for Black and Female Superheroes!

Get more details on the story and production here!