Tommy From ‘Martin’ Actually Had A Job

Ever wonder what “Tommy” from the hit sitcom Martin did for a living? Tisha Campbell-Martin, who played “Gina” on the show, has the answer!

The actress stopped by Bossip’s “Don’t Be Scared” podcast and revealed that her co-star’s character indeed had a job despite the ongoing joke that he was unemployed.

“Tommy really did have a job, I’ll give you a hint. The woman I was gonna fight, she was Martin’s teacher; Beverly Johnson. In that episode, that’s the first time you hear about Tommy’s job.

The second time you see Tommy’s job is in the Christmas episode when he brings us to speak to children and Martin calls the little boy ‘water head,’” she added.

So Tommy talks about him being in the Boys & Girls Club and he was a counselor at the Boys & Girls Club. That’s what he did for a living.”

The cast and crew began cracking on Tommy a.k.a. Thomas Mikal Ford, because he kept complaining about his character’s lack of development. That’s when the writers of the series took it a step further by purposely making his gig ambiguous, and the punchline just stuck.

Hmmm…Who would’ve thunk?!