Mark Wahlberg Requests Pardon

Mark Wahlberg has crafted and endured a highly successful career in entertainment as an actor, producer, restaurant owner and even a partnership with hip-hop mogul, Sean “Diddy” Combs as a brand ambassador for AquaHydrate.

He’s also been recognized for his work and support of groups like the Dorchester Youth Collaborative in his Boston hometown.

But, that’s Mark Walhberg, the father, husband and businessman.

Flashback to the era and lifestyle of Marky Mark, former model, boy band member and rapping/dancing badass who took up terrorizing people of color and causing mayhem with a lengthy rap sheet to follow throughout the late 1980s and ’90s.

Now, the Hollywood star is looking to bury his bad boy history and has requested a pardon, acting under loosened guidelines put in place by Governor Deval L. Patrick. The incident that haunts him is a 1988 assault conviction on a Vietnamese man, whom Wahlberg beat while spewing racial slurs.

This filing, which cites that his former behavior would interfere with being granted a liquor license and his work helping “at risk” individuals, would have to be taken up by the state’s parole board and the governor’s council.

Wahlberg is ready to be freed of his rebel days and has apologized for who he was back then. He’s made his apology public, but do you think he should take more action…say, personally apologize to those he victimized?