Mariah Carey Fails During “Fantasy” Performance

The once proclaimed vocal goddess, Mariah Carey can probably use a few lip-syching tips from Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell.  And we  know that’s not a nice thing to say, but real is real.

And the reality is, lately the songstress has been bellowing out some sour notes. And now, during the  2015 Jazz and Blues Festival no less, the former Mrs. Cannon appeared lost, dazed and confused while trying to keep up with her “Fantasy” lyrics and seemingly efforts to lip synch.

The video, below:

As painful as it is to watch, Carey seemed to have felt an even deeper sense of despair when she appeared to just give up on the performance altogether.

She recently announced her Las Vegas residence, and we have to ask if the show will be anything like this because if so, well, just no.

Your thoughts on Mimi’s handiwork?