Errr…What Was Madonna Doing?

No passion. No Feeling. Nothingness.

This is what I felt after watching the cringe-inducing tribute to Prince delivered by Madonna during the 2016 Billboard awards on Sunday.

The choice of Madonna doing the tribute had already spawned the question, ‘why her?’  And thoughts of  ‘ah lawd, please don’t mess this up,’ spread across the Interwebs.

No offense, but if you think back to the “Material Girl’s” (ahem) vocal ability and the pitch perfect artistic deliveries of the “Purple One,” the automatic next thought is: What could she possibly sing to pull this off?

And then it happened.

Struggle note after struggle note,  Madonna worked her way through Prince’s melodic “Nothing Compares 2 U.”


Questlove, who introduced the performance followed up with this message. Yeah, we get it.



Wait, did Prince just twirl on them though?

Legit, questions.

Sneaking in to liven up the decidedly dour mood after this mess was BET with their petty-yet-right-on-time drop of their own Prince tribute, set to premiere during the 2016 BET Music Awards in June. Peep that below.

We have to laugh. Well played, BET. Well played.