Netflix Drops Exciting Teaser for ‘Luke Cage’

Comic book fans rejoice; Marvel’s Luke Cage is coming to the small screen, and from the looks of the new teaser, it’s going to be an exciting run.

After successfully rolling out Marvel’s Daredevil and Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Netflix hopes to hit another home run with Marvel’s Luke Cage, one of the comic book publisher’s first Black superheroes.

Netflix unveiled the teaser Thursday evening at Comic-Con International in front of more than 4500 screaming fans, who were introduced to the cast and treated to several clips from the upcoming show.

In the Netflix version of the series, Luke Cage is a reluctant superhero who finds himself fighting bad guys in his Harlem neighborhood. Because of his super strength and extremely dense skin, which makes him impervious to most attacks (even bullets), Cage isn’t afraid to mix it up with villains on both side of the law.

Cheo Hodari Coker, the show’s creator and writer, said Cage’s unique superpower makes him an interesting fit for the times.

“It’s a fascinating time to have a bulletproof Black man that exists in the world,” Coker said during a press event at Comic-Con. “One of things I thought about in terms of an overall theme is that when you look at neighborhoods, people step aside or don’t step up because of consequences. So what happens when you introduce a bulletproof Black man to the situation? How does that affect the overall community?”

The show’s headliner, Mike Colter, echoed Coker’s sentiments.

“It’s timely,” he said of the show which deals with many of the issues in the news as of late. “Luke Cage is a guy who doesn’t want to solve problems with violence, and right now, his impenetrable skin and his super strength allow him to have a voice and not be afraid.”

The slick show, which uses Harlem as one of its characters and adeptly incorporates hip hop, also features a talented cast. Alfre Woodard, Frankie Faison, Mahershala Ali, and Simone Missick turn in exceptional performances that help to bring Luke Cage’s world to life.

Marvel’s Luke Cage premieres on Netflix on September 30.

Check out the exciting teaser below.