Luke Cage Is Getting a Second Season From Netflix

luke cage

After breaking the streaming giant’s platform and crushing expectations, Netflix has renewed Marvel’s Luke Cage for another season.

When the show dropped at the end of September, so many people attempted to stream the comic book hero series that Netflix went on the fritz. The show was also a global success, as it was released across Netflix’s international properties. Now, the team, helmed by EBONY Power 100 honoree Cheo Hodari Coker, will return for a second season.

The brand announced the move on Twitter over the weekend.

Given movements like Black Lives Matter and the protests it spurred, Coker said Luke Cage was premiering at an interesting time.

“It’s a fascinating time to have a bulletproof Black man that exists in the world,” he said during a press event at Comic-Con in July. “One of things I thought about in terms of an overall theme is that when you look at neighborhoods, people step aside or don’t step up because of consequences. So what happens when you introduce a bulletproof Black man to the situation? How does that affect the overall community?”

There’s no date on when fans will get to watch the new season of Luke Cage, but with Netflix also rolling out Iron Fist and the Defenders in 2017, we might not see Power Man until 2018.

Stay tuned.